1. Sunday Morning Bacon Sarnie
    If nothing but a bacon sandwich will do on a Sunday morning, swap streaky bacon for lean back bacon with the fatty rind cut off. Grill rather than fry, and let excess fat drip off.
  2. Alternatives to Alchohol
    If you’re out for the night but want to stay healthy then order tonic with cordial, or an alcohol-free grape juice as a tasty substitute to wine. Alcohol-free beers are also becoming increasingly popular and are available in most pubs and bars.
  3. Avoid Sugar in your Tea
    Five cups of sugary tea can add up to almost 500 empty calories, not to mention the biscuits you dunk in. Try to break the sweet habit altogether rather than swap for sweeteners as researchers now believe that sweeteners followed by no calories may make the body crave extra food.
  4. Eat Fruit, don’t Drink It
    If you consume around a litre of fruit juice remember you will be drinking 500 calories. You could tuck into a baked potato with tuna and two pieces of fruit for the same calorie consumption.
  5. When only Chocolate will do
    If you need some chocolate (which simply is the case sometimes!) then stick to dark as most people need less of it to feel satisfied.
    Swap refined cereals for cooking porridge oats. Eating bulky and higher fibre foods Increases the volume of food without adding calories so you feel fuller for longer.
  6. Exercise for Longer Fat Burning
    You might be disheartened when the running or step machine tells you you’ve burnt 87 calories when you’ve been sweating for at least fifteen minutes. After all, it doesn’t even add up to a skinny cappuccino. Don’t despair. You burn fat even after exercise because you primarily use carbohydrate fuel during the exercise which takes time to replace, so in the meantime, your body burns fat for energy. In other words, your metabolism is raised.
  7. Take the Stairs
    If you take the stairs, get off the bus or tube one stop early and are generally more active without actually working out you could lose at least a stone in 12 months with this alone, as long as you don’t eat more to compensate!

Amanda Hamilton

North Berwick’s Amanda Hamilton is one of the UK’s most popular nutritionists and health gurus, contributing regularly to TV, press, online and public sector. She also runs her own online healthy diet system and healthy holiday company. She’s a member of Whitekirk Leisure Club and will be contributing a weekly post with tips on health and nutrition.